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OPB: City of Portland will soon be the new owner of 82nd Avenue, with improvements to follow reports on the transfer of control of 82nd Avenue in Portland, Oregon.

Key quote:

The city will take control of the so-called “orphan highway” — technically Oregon Route 213 — from the Oregon Department of Transportation effective June 1. The Portland City Council unanimously approved the transfer Thursday.

PBOT is now responsible for the maintenance and potential redesign of a 7 mile stretch of 82nd, from NE Killingsworth to SE Clatsop. 82nd Avenue is one of Portland’s highest-crash corridors. Hopefully in the coming months, the city will begin investing in infrastructure to make the roadway safer for all users.

Read the official PBOT press release here.

Take a look at Portland's plan for "Building a Better 82nd" here.


Charley Gee is a Portland Personal Injury attorney. He is proud to represent injured Oregonians across the state. He works to make the roads safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers through education, advocacy and litigation.


Portland personal injury lawyer Charley Gee
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