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Vox: Stop calling them “accidents” has an interview with Jessie Singer, author of the new book There Are No Accidents.

... Singer argues that basically everything we consider to be an “accident” — be it car accidents or fatal fires or workplace injuries — are in fact not accidents at all. Humans, Singer writes, make mistakes all the time, but it’s the dangerous conditions in our built environments that result in fatal consequences. Larger systemic forces, shaped by corporations and governments, intersect to create vulnerabilities that we don’t all share equally. Anticipating and reducing those opportunities for human error is the key to preventing needless death.

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If you visit our "Motor Vehicle Collisions" page you'll see that Charley Gee P.C. firmly believes "There is no such thing as a car accident." We represent pedestrians, bicyclists and others injured by negligent drivers everyday.

Take the "Crash Not Accident" pledge here.

You can buy the book There Are No Accidents here.

Charley Gee is a personal injury attorney in Portland, Oregon. He represents people across the state of Oregon against insurance companies, corporations, and the government.


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