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It's not just doctors that make house calls...

Last week I wrote about why it is important to ask your personal injury attorney how many cases they are currently working on. Many personal injury attorneys take on a large number of cases and their clients get lumped together. The attorney doesn’t really know his clients and the clients are unable to get ahold of their attorney and instead get passed from staff member to staff member. I intentionally choose to carry a smaller case load. This means I am able to truly know my clients and their cases, while providing them with outstanding service and my complete attention.

One service I am proud to provide is house calls for client meetings. I will travel to my clients, not the other way around. Trying to come into downtown Portland when you are hurt, shaken up, and in pain should be the last of your worries. This is why I make myself available to meet with clients wherever is most convenient for them.

This service does not just apply to my current clients. One benefit of having a smaller case load and a client focused practice is that I can travel to meet prospective clients anywhere in the state for a free consultation about their case.

Charley Gee is a personal injury attorney in Portland, Oregon. He exclusively represents injured people against insurance companies and corporations.

Portland personal injury lawyer Charley Gee
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