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What happens during a free case evaluation?

All of my cases begin with a free case evaluation and consultation. This meeting is an opportunity for me to get to know my potential client, learn more about what happened and their injuries, and for me to explain the process, procedures, and timelines involved in pursuing an Oregon personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Why I have free case consultations and evaluations

I conduct free case consultations with injured people and their families or support people because, as an attorney, I think it is important for everyone to understand their rights and legal options. By providing a free consultation I can give people the opportunity to talk about what has happened and I can give them their options and an opinion about the likelihood of success in an Oregon personal injury case. Teaching people about their legal rights in an easy to understand way, using plain language and not legalese, is one of the key parts of a personal injury attorney’s job.

When a person is injured, the last thing they should have to worry about is paying an attorney’s fees. Because of this, I provide free consultations, and I do not charge a retainer or bill my clients by the hour. I will also travel to them so they do not have to come into downtown Portland when they are hurt.

What Information am I looking for during a consultation?

I am interested in a lot of information during a consultation:

  • How did you get hurt?

  • Was there anyone else involved?

  • Who was at fault?

  • Did anyone break the law?

  • Did the police respond? What did they report? Was anyone cited?

  • Who are the insurance companies involved?

  • What kind of injuries do you have?

  • Who have you been treating with?

Don’t be surprised if I ask you a lot of questions. Gathering information is the best way for me to evaluate your options and provide you the best service I can.

How can you be prepared for your free case evaluation?

To prepare for your case evaluation you should gather and bring as much information as possible including:

  • The police report

  • Any insurance paperwork

  • Medical records and bills

  • Witness information

  • Photos of your injuries, property damage, or the scene

Charley Gee is a Portland Personal Injury Attorney. He exclusively represents injured people against insurance companies and corporations.

Portland personal injury lawyer Charley Gee
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